Puri’s is blessed by the nature’s beauty so you can visit the place in any month of the year. However, if you go there during some certain months, you can have an introduction with the peak charm of the holy city.

The most feasible period to visit Puri may be from November to February, when Puri’s appeal is on its peak due to the superb weather in these months according to the Indian geography. However, Puri faces huge crowed of tourists during the peak season, which can be avoided by visiting the place in the months of June and July. And this is the very time when you can have glimpse of the famous Chariot festival of Puri, one of the four most celebrated religious centers of India.

If you want to avoid the sticky weather of the rainy season during you tour, you are suggested not to visit Puri in the period of June to September. Moreover, it is suggestible not to visit the beach destinations in the monsoon months since the sea water gets fierce due to the persistence of extreme humidity during this period.

The climate of Puri is always pleasant and charming. You can choose your favorite time to visit it. Puri’s summers are hot with its maximum temperature at 36 Degree Celsius, minimum temperature at 27 Degree Celsius. The city’s winters are cold with Maximum Temperature at 25 Degree Celsius and Minimum Temperature at 15 Degree Celsius.