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Nabakalebar / Navakalevara Festivals - (06th July 2016)

Specific Features of Renewal Holy Trees For Nabakalebar

Nabakalebar, the periodical renewal of the wooden images of Lord, Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan. After the year 1996, next Nabakalebar festival is going to happen in 2016. The Puri Rath Yatra will be named as Nabakalebar Rath Yatra in 06th July 2016 is going to be special for everyone throughout the world. So don't miss this chance to see Lords with their new avatars. Book your rooms in advance at Toshali Sands to visit the special Rath Yatra, which comes in every 12 to 19 years. Here are the brief description about the procedure of Nabakalebar festival, which is going to happen next year.

The deities are going to change their bodies during leap month. So one lunar month of the Ashadha is followed by another lunar month of Ashadha. The Margo trees are selected every time for making deities. Any ordinary tree with extraordinary features can only become the body of the deity or Daru Bramha. The Darus should be different for each deity. Such as :

Lord Jagannath Daru features

  • The holy tree should have 4 main branches.
  • The bark of the Margo tree must dark in color.
  • There should be the sign of Sankha and Chakra.
  • There should be a cremation ground near the tree.
  • There should be an out hill near the tree and a snake hole at the roots of the tree.
  • Any birds' nest should not be there on trees.
  • The tree should be near the river or a pond or a crossing of the three ways or else to be surrounded by 3 mountains.
  • The tree should not stand alone but be surrounded preferably with the trees of Varuna, Sahada, and Belva.
  • There should be a temple dedicated to Shiva in the neighborhood.
  • There should be a hermitage or monastery nearby.
  • The holy tree should be free from Parasite plants and Creepers

Lord Balabhadra Daru Features

  • The holy tree should have Seven Branches.
  • The skin of the tree must be light brown or white color.
  • It should have a sign of plough and pestle etc.
  • Nearby tree there should be a hermitage and also a graveyard.

Goddess Subhadra Daru Features

  • Seven Branches should be present on the holy tree.
  • The skin of the tree should be light brown or white color.
  • It should have a sign of plough and pestle etc.
  • Nearby tree there should be a hermitage and a graveyard.

Daru of Lord Sudarshan

  • The holy Margo tree should have three branches.
  • The bark of the tree should be barkish.
  • The tree should have a sign of Chakra with a small depression in the middle.
Every year during Rath Yatra approximately 8 lakhs of people visit Puri, However in this Nabakalebar Rath Yatra it is going to be like overcrowded. So be prepare if you are coming this time to Puri to see the lords for getting their blessings. Book your room in advance to get a luxurious accommodation in Toshali Sands.

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